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Interior Repair

Interior Automotive Repair
cracked leather seat repair

Cracked Leather/ Vinyl  Seats

Cracked and dry-rotted leather and vinyl seats are no problem to repair at Extreme Auto.  Hot Southeast Texas Weather is rough on vinyl and leather and preventive maintenance is needed.  We can restore the original beauty of your vehicle's interior!

Faded and Worn Out Seats

Faded Leather/ Vinyl Seats

Constant heat, sunlight and normal wear and tear cause seats to fade and discolor.  Call Extreme Auto for help!  We can match any color for any vehicle.  Call today for a free estimate.


Broken Springs/ Torn Seats

Broken and Torn Seats can be easily fixed at Extreme Auto.  Sometimes seats are broken on the inside, causing them to sink when you sit on them.  Also rips and tears that start off small can end up being major problems if not treated right away.  Call us at 409-212-9227 so we can get you the help you need!

Torn Headliner Repair

Dashboard and Headliner Repair

Give your sagging and torn headliner a facelift and let Extreme Auto make it as good as new.  Call or come by our shop to let one of our skilled technicians take a look at it. 

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